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5' Black RG58 Cable (FME/Male & FME/Female Connectors)

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This 5' RG-58 cable has an FME/Male connector on one side and an FME/Female connector on the other.

The 3Gstore black 5-foot RG58 cable will add versatility to your cellular amplifier setup with minimal signal loss. This high-quality cable is designed for 50 Ohm antennas, boosters and accessories. The average signal loss is 1 dB across all frequency bands.

An RG58 5-foot cable is usually used as an antenna extension cable for antennas with FME connections. It can also be used for connecting an FME/Male antenna to an FME/Female amplifier. Other deployments are possible with additional adapters and connectors, although this may increase signal attenuation. The thin and flexible design means it can be used in any short run where you need adaptability.


  • Cable length: 5'
  • Connectors: FME/Female and FME/Male
  • Impedence: 50ohms
  • Cable diameter: 3/16"

Signal Loss:

  • The amount of signal attenuation you'll see depends on which frequency you're using. This cable averages approximately 1dB of signal loss. Attenuation for each frequency is below:
    • 700mhz: .6dB
    • 800mhz: .7dB
    • 1700mhz: 1dB
    • 1900mhz: 1.1dB
    • 2100mhz: 1.1dB
    • 2400mhz: 1.2dB
    • 2500mhz: 1.3dB
  • Approximately .5dbm is lost at each connection between 2 cables
  • To prevent excessive signal loss, this cable should NOT be daisy chained with other cables! It is always better to use one longer piece of cable than to screw two shorter cables together.

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